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Don’t Touch My Hair – An ode to Black Women

Don’t Touch My Hair! This has been said before, and it is being again until it finally Clicks. Black women’s hair serves as a crown for their identity and it is incredibly frustrating that this notion has constantly been challenged throughout the years. One truly hopes that at some point the world can move past …


5 mistakes freelancers make on their first invoice

It isn’t uncommon for people in the creative industry to often do freelance work; in-fact here at MIN Creative Co we encourage our team members to take on some side work every once in a while. MIN Creative Co itself started off as a freelancer company. We have noticed however that there are common mistakes …


The language that is graphic design.

You may not notice it, but we are exposed to graphic design on a daily bases. It’s almost as if everywhere we look, the way we identify or navigate through society, there it is. From locating a restroom by recognizing a toilet sign, to crossing the street safely thanks to the colors that flash from …


Your digital agency is more important now more than ever

For the latter part of 2020, the global community has seen itself in turmoil as the Covid-19 pandemic has caused national lockdowns throughout various countries. The economic impact is immeasurable and is likely to take up to a decade to come up with reliable figures, as usually is with global crises’. Marketing agencies have not …