Below the Line Marketing (BTL)



Phumzile Mavimbela

September 27 2021

Below the line marketing can be defined as marketing tools directed and focused on
conversation, different from Above the line marketing this form of marketing is specific in its target. It is usually executed at a micro-Level through handing out flyers, direct emailing and telephone sales to name a few which we will explore in detail below.

Above the line techniques of advertising are usually out there for everybody to see such as billboards and television adverts. However, below the line techniques are not as flashy because the methods are at micro level, they have a personal feel and allow the organization to interact with its customers and target market through engagement and positive conversations which as result yields customer engagement
and loyalty.


Below-the-Line (BTL) Promotional Activities:

There are various below the line activities, each varying in cost and effectiveness. The most popular include, but are not limited to, the following: consider:


Selling your products and services through telephone sales. Telesales thrives in proper research about your leads, you will have gathered adequate information about the person or company you are calling so as to know their needs specifically.

Direct mail marketing

Although this form of marketing can be effective it does however have its loopholes because most people hate spam, as such if you just send emails to random email addresses it might get received in the spam folder, people are quick to clean their spam folder without thinking about it twice. As such it is much effective to send emails to people who have shown interest to your product, or current customers who you think would love to about the new product you have as well as to give them relevant updates concerning your business.


Targeted leaflet drop

This is another way of attracting customers because customers may have time to properly engage with your product information on the leaflet in the comfort of their own home or office. Your leaflet needs to contain sufficient information regarding your services and products. The leaflets can be dropped in your targeted area, where your target market is likely to be found. This is an easy as well as cost effective advertising medium.


Similar to leaflet catalogues can contain sufficient information about the service you are offering, designed in ways that are visually appealing, catalogues can bring you a step closer to your customers. The advantage of catalogues I that they don’t have to be printed out you can circulate electronic catalogues to your customers. This can be effective to refresh product knowledge on current customers as well as education new customers about the service and product you are offering.

Shopping centre stand

Renting out a stand in your closest mall or shopping centre can help boost product visibility which will help attract potential customers, which a talented sales representative who can properly decode the product information this form of advertising can help boast sales. Also, your sales representative will be able to engage in meaningful conversations with your targeted market which build trust and customer loyalty.

In-person demonstrations

Arranging private product demonstrations with your potential customers this gives you the opportunity to properly informer the customer of the advantages of your product not only that but they will get to the product and see what sets it apart from other similar products in the market. Usually when you to this step a person would have shown interest in your product and personally showing them the product and engaging with them will jut be the needed boost to seal deal.

Below the line advertising benefits:

Customer Engagement– BTL allows you to create custom made engagement which
reaches directly to your customer:
Cost Effective – When compared to above the line marketing, below the line marketing is very affordable. It is easier to keep track of the budget. Advertising can be extremely targeted, which can ensure excellent value for money.
Target driven– It is easier to focus on the targeted group and specific segments of your audience
Measurable Progress – BTL advertising is highly measurable as its promotional activities allow the sales person to gain great insight into their audience, you can get instant feedback, measure the customers engagement with the product. It is also easier to track and promises an impressive return on investment.
Building relationships – Below the line marketing provides vast opportunities to build on the customer-brand relationship. Because customers engage with customers individually the marketer gets a chance to learn about the customers specific needs and is able to tailor make the product or service to the customer’s specifications.

Above the line or below the line, which way to go?

ATL procedures coordinate the communication towards the mass market. Advertising messages are untargeted, which means they don’t focus on a specific target market. The thought behind this is to advise clients about the accessibility regarding the item. Advertisers look to urge clients to visit stores and effectively look for the item. These techniques help organizations to reach a greater audience as
well as aid in creating brand visibility. While below the line techniques are more directed and focused on conversation and engaging personally with your customers through emails, door to door campaigns, dropping them flyers and personal demonstrations. In the it boils down to maximizing on the marketing you choose. Every company has different needs as such you will need to properly outline your company’s needs and choice the strategy that will best drive your sales revenue. Also the two advertising techniques rely and depend on your budget.