Above The Line (ATL) Advertising



Phumzile Mavimbela

September 7 2021

What is Above The Line Marketing

according to Jonathan Furnman on Everything You Need to Know About ATL, BTL
and TTL Advertising, there are two ways by which advertisers carry out promotional
activities. They either publicise the item for the market overall, or they make an
engaged correspondence for a specific target market. Today, these marketing
strategies fall into two different categories, namely Above The Line (ATL) and Below
the Line (BTL) activities.

The world and content consumption dynamics are constantly evolving. As such advertisers are expected to discover new approaches to address these evolving requests. Through the Line (TTL) marketing activities help advertisers utilize a coordinated way to promote their items to both mass and niche markets at simultaneously.

ATL procedures coordinate the communication towards the mass market. Advertising messages are untargeted, which means they don’t focus on a specific target market. The thought behind this is to advise clients about the accessibility regarding the item. Advertisers look to urge clients to visit stores and effectively look for the item. These techniques help organizations to reach a greater audience as
 as aid in creating brand visibility.

ATL activities:


Advertising campaigns on television directed at the regional or national level. According to Aashish Pahwa in Marketing Essentials a normal American watches 4.3 consumes of television content in a day. It’s a comparable case in other parts of the world. Television adverts maximize reach covering local, national and international audience’s contingent upon the Station and the agreement between the parties involved. Consumers engage better with moving visuals integrated with audio in comparison to just still visuals or audio alone.


Psychologists say that consumers need to be exposed to an advertising message at
least three times before they fully process and consume it. Radio is an ideal choice
for advertisers to satisfy all the recurrence and imaginative requests of their target
market notice. Llike television radio has a local, national as well as an international

Print Media

Print media: Promotional messages in newspapers, online articles, and


local, provincial and international print media has a more extensive reach than any
of different mediums. Papers have fixed promotion openings that are utilized by
advertisers to illuminate clients/forthcoming clients about the brand or offers.
Magazines exist in niche categories and make it simpler for advertisers to reach their
targeted market.

Advantages of Above The Line Marketing

-Wider Reach: Over the line publicizing mediums have a wide (public/global)
-Engaging with your Audience: The mediums like television and radio use
sound visuals which have a superior interface with the audience.
-Brand Building: Media advertising is an essential tool in characterizing and acknowledging brand personality. A brand is worked by the clients. The duty of advertisers in brand building is to reach however many planned customers as they can and impart to them about the brand and its advantages
imaginatively. Over the line advertising, consequently, assumes a necessary part with regards to brand building.