"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person"- Jeff Bezos



Dakalo Nemasetoni

October 8 2020

Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos once said, “a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well”. It is without a doubt that this quote resonates deeply with the success of Amazon as it boasted one of the best-known brand names on the internet almost from the time it opened its virtual doors in 1994. The importance of branding cannot be emphasised enough and as such, the right way to build a brand is to deliver a great service.

Brands often cultivate a specific look, feel and even sound for their brand, one that makes their target customer stop and say, “Hey, this brand says something about who I am.” Just like our individual reputations set a standard as to how others will perceive us, in business it is the same.

Brand storytelling is the cohesive narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes, besides offering a great product or service people want to know the story behind the business and ensure that they make it unforgettable. Let’s take a look at some impeccable and powerful brand stories.


Who can forget the local jokestar Nandos? Anyone can sell chicken, but what sets them apart from any potential competitors is the unique value of their brand’s character – the quirky and irreverent South African jokester who found international success while having fun at the expense of society’s villains. We know that brand. We love that brand. And it’s because of that brand’s story that we buy their chicken.

Uber came into the market in 2009 with their brand story saying that they want to evolve the way the world moves. “By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers”. This works simply because it is a taxi alternative that has redefined transportation, and in a world of “sameness” they have become unforgettable.

Airbnb has challenged the hotel industry and in its story boasts that it is a trusted community marketplace for consumers to list, discover and book unique accommodations for unique travel experiences. To sum it all up, they wanted to create “a home away from home”.

Founded by Dr Dre it comes as no surprise that he would innovate headphones that bring about a unique experience, making you feel like you were the musician behind an award-winning song. The story behind Beats is that “it brings the energy, emotion and excitement of playback in the recording studio back to the listening experience and it has introduced a new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment”. The brand evoked that feeling of singing in the shower and ultimately redefined the music listening experience.

In essence, brand storytelling is and forever will be important. Whether they the story is fictional, based on hypothetical situations which you have developed over the years, or the true life story of how your company came to be, what matters is the sense of authenticity you communicate and how well your stories allow your target market to identify with your brand.

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